Adult Carers' Support


We deliver safe, high quality, non-discriminatory support services that match the diverse needs of carers in Brent.

A carer is anyone who provides care and support for another person which that person could not do without. We support young carers (ages 8-18) and adult carers (aged 18+) in Brent in the following ways:

Providing information and advice
Activities for carers
Events and Campaigns
Support groups
Completing Carers Needs Assessments
Championing carers’ rights
Training to support you in your caring role

Support for carers:

We deliver carer-specific information and advice services around on both health and social care 
We provide carers' assessments 
We facilitate carers' support groups, including those based around specific conditions for example Dementia
We facilitate and direct carers towards training programmes to support them in their caring role
We offer additional services around time-banking, finding legal support, particularly on carers' rights employment / workplace

Who can be referred?

You can be referred to our Carers' Support Services team by the council, your school, relevant health, voluntary and community organisations. You can also refer yourself.
For an adult carers' support referral form
For a young carers' support referral form
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