Social Isolation And Loneliness Prevention (SILP)


We are dedicated to overcoming social isolation, and the causes of social isolation, in Brent.

SILP stands for social isolation and loneliness prevention. Brent Gateway Partnership's SILP services support people aged 18 and over who face social isolation, a lack of social contact, or limited involvement in their community.

You may be socially isolated if you are experiencing any of the following:

difficulty coping with situations that you think you should be able to deal with
a feeling that you are cut off from other people
unemployment or difficulty finding work

SILP services provides:

skills training
help finding employment
help to find volunteering activities

Who can be referred?

You can be referred to our Social Isolation Prevention Services by your GP, an Adult Social Care provider, care navigators, hospitals. You can also refer yourself.
For a Social Isolation Prevention Service referral form please click here.
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