Young Carers Support


We deliver safe, high quality, non-discriminatory support services that match the diverse needs of carers in Brent.

A carer is anyone who provides care and support for another person which that person could not do without. We support young carers (ages 8-18) in Brent.

Who is a young carer?

  1. A young carer is a person under the age of 18 who helps to care for a family member, relative or friend.
  2. A young carer might support someone who has disability, a long-term illness, an addiction or problems with mental health.
  3. Not everybody understands what it means to be a young carer. They might not understand that you have less free time for yourself than other children and young people.

How do young carers provide care?

Being a young carer means that you help with practical tasks and emotional support as part as your everyday life. Without young carers, people who are supported might struggle and not be able to manage.

Young carers help with practical tasks
  • Cooking and preparing meals
  • Helping the person you care for to get dressed
  • Giving personal care
  • Helping the person you care for to move and get out of the house
  • Helping with the shopping
  • Cleaning around the home
  • Helping the person you care for to attend appointments
  • Looking after siblings
  • Managing household bills
  • Managing medicine or money
Young carers help with emotional support
  • Talking with someone when they are feeling low
  • Being there for the person you care for and keep them company
  • Listening to somebody when they need to express themselves
  • Showing empathy

Children and young people may become young carers for all sorts of reasons
  • The person you care for has long term illness or disability.
  • Your parents use drugs or alcohol, or they did in the past.
  • Your parents have split up and one of them has health or mental health problems.
  • You live far away from relatives or friends and you don’t have the support you need close by.
  • Someone has been violent to the person you are caring for, or someone has abused them in a different way. 

Meet our young carers team

Our superheroes

Natasha Duffus
Natasha Duffus
I’m the Captain America of our team. I always cater the project to the individual's needs. At the end of the day, we work for you. Whatever it takes.
    Shane Wheeler-Osman
    Shane Wheeler-Osman
    I’m the Ant Man of the team. I’m great at tackling any issues no matter how small for our young carers and I’m always the first to be having a joke. Whatever it takes.
      Taliyah McLarty
      Taliyah McLarty
      I’m the Spiderman of our team. I’m great at swinging from schools to social workers and making sure everyone is sticking together. Whatever it takes.
        Maria Falzetti
        Maria Falzetti
        I'm the Batman of our team. I'm great at spotting details other people have overlooked. I empathise with people from all backgrounds. Whatever it takes.
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